Organigramme of the CESTI

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The organigramme of the Centre presents its structure and shows division of the tasks. At the level of operational decisions, there are two faculties: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with the DMMD (Prof. E. Macha ; Head) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering with its three departments engaged in the project: Dept of Phys. of Mater. (Prof. J. Kubik ; Head), Dept of Stuct. Mech.(Prof. T. Chmielewski ; Head) and the Dept of Build. Mater. Eng. (Prof. S. Grzeszczyk ; Head) at the TUO. At the same time, these departments in a natural way form working groups. Below, the description concerning division of the tasks is provided:

The co-ordinator
The main role of the co-ordinator is management of the whole project, communication with the EC, National and International Advisory Boards, working groups, secretariat and the technical team

National Advisory Board
Members of the Board are of a great importance in selecting papers for conferences through reviewing them before they are accepted

International Advisory Board
As scientists with an internationally recognised reputation, the Members of the Board provide advice,opinion and consultation on papers for the conferences. They will also help to organise the TUO academic staff visits and students training.

Technical support team
Technicians will ensure the proper maintenance of the equipment, visuals and infrastructure used for the purpose of the project

Secretariat staff serves as a technical support for the co-ordinator. He registers participants of summer schools, post-graduate and PhD studies, seminars communicating with them when necessary, as well as ensures proper subcontracting jobs through being in contact with publishers, translators, interpreters etc.