1.12.2004 - 30.11.2005
Executive publishable summary

CONTRACT N° : G1MA-CT- 2002-04058
PROJECT N° : GMA1- 2002- 72025
REPORTING PERIOD : FROM 12/2003 TO 11/2004
Date of issue of this report : 16.12.2005

Centre of Structural Integrity (CESTI) was established to contribute a further development of Technical University of Opole (TUO) as an international research Centre. The overall aim and aspirations of the Centre is its integration into the European Research Area (ERA).The mission of CESTI is development research and dissemination of knowledge in:

The CESTI consists of four Departments of TUO:

During three years of CESTI activity, national conferences with participation of foreign specialists were organised: Symposium on Fatigue of Materials and Structures (SFMS) - Bydgoszcz, April 2004; two Conferences on Research Problems in Civil Engineering (CRPCE), Krynica, September 2003 and September 2004; two Conferences on Fractes Mechanics (CFM), Kielce, September 2003 and Wisła, September 2005; two International Summer Schools: (i) on Full-scale and Model-scale Studies of Dynamical Behaviour of Large Structures (ISSFMSDBLS), Otmuchów, June 2004 and (ii) on Fatigue and Fracture (ESSFF1), Zakopane, June 2005; National Autumn-School on Mechanics Design and Operation (ASMDO), Pokrzywna, November 2005 and open Local Seminars on Structural Integrity (LSSI) every week at TUO. New curriculum of the PhD degree programme at the FCE TUO and contests of the PhD course “Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture” at the FME TUO have been prepared. In a result of every-year competitions 12 students participated in conferences with papers. Two curricula of post-graduate studies: (i) on Assessment, Identification and Rehabilitation of Existing Civil Engineering Structures (AIRECES) and (ii) Computer Aided Design and Testing of Machines (CADTM) have been elaborated and implemented for 47 participants. 68 people have been trained during 9 two-week courses on Computer Methods in Design and Analysis of Structures (CMDAS). Two PhD students spent three-month long training at the Bristol and Sheffield Universities (UK), four post-doctoral researchers heve realized three-month study visits at the leading European Centres, four researchers have completed two-week missions to partner institutions, eight researchers accomplished one-week visits to scientific institutions abroad and more then 110 scientists from Europe and Japan visited CESTI or events organised by CESTII. 39 short missions to conferences with papers and workshops have been fulfilled, in order to activate participation in FP6 projects. As the result of these missions 15 proposals to FP6 calls and two proposals to other international calls for proposals have been prepared and submitted.

Within the CESTI activity the stands and software of CAD/CAM Laboratory and Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Laboratory at DMMD TUO were modernised. A new prototype of the strength machine for fatigue tests of materials under combined bending with torsion loading with four digital control systems for fatigue stands has been made.

To promote and disseminate the research results of Centre, 17 books and monographs,17 proceedings of conferences and schools, 197 and 1 patent papers were published. Moreover, 24 laboratory manuals and 14 reports with experimental data have been elaborated, as well as 2 patent applications were sent to the Polish Patent Office. The web site on CESTI ( is active, where detailed information about the Centre is presented.